Thursday, August 30, 2018

Learn the secrets of the Masters. Learn composition secrets, anatomy, and what the author describes as (Kanji) or Archetypes of form, quick shortcuts to drawing the human figure. Inside these pages is the key to enhancing the seeing process and will help the advanced artist as well as the novice. There are five major lines, once learned, will enable the reader to literally draw from your mind's eye. Exercises and observational training exercise makes this process a lot of fun. Once these techniques are mastered and understood. The student will be able to draw any object without the need of a live model. Plenty of examples of Master’s drawings to help guide the Artist to a vast array of new forms. These methods you will not find in any art book. In Essence, it is the author's observations over years of struggle with line and form to create supple, beautiful forms with grace and poise. Learn the secrets of utilizing seeing mechanisms that allow the artist to render beautiful design. As an illustrator and painter for 20 years, the work and years of a labor of love have been done for you. Never look at a model again. Build your own figures, master figurative composition. Learn how perspective drawing occurs naturally through the Seeing process. Learn why connect the dots games act as a gateway to seeing artistically.

Over 75 beautiful illustrations give detailed examples into the process.

release date December 1st. 2018